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Bloomingdale - Garland Home Deck, Kingsport, TN

This lovely home in Bloomingdale was recently transformed into a backyard relaxation balcony.

This 24'x12' project starts from the ground up with 6x6s with post footings. The deck is built on a 2x10 frame with matching joist on a 16" center and is solid as a rock.

From the driveway, there are 4' wide steps with 11" step treads and tread backing. All the handrails are sandwiched black aluminum balusters with a routed top rail. It's sturdy too, with 2x4 treated framing for the handrail construction.

Once you get to the top, there's gorgeous 5 /4”x6”x12’ Cox Kiln Dried deck flooring. It's warm in color and features an open area for grill and sun and an enclosed space with a 12’x12’ Gable Roof cover, roof trusses, sheathing, felt, and matching architectural shingles.

Finally, the work is fitted with a vinyl soffit and fascia installed with overhangs and R-19 insulation over the ceiling.

This project was a delight to work with the owners to create a neighborhood showpiece. It's a great deck to explore, and we're ready to look at your deck too. Call Mr. Fix It today and let's schedule a free estimate to create your own backyard gathering space for your family and friends.

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