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Cooks Valley - Chestnut Ridge, Kingsport, TN

Nothing like a glass of tea or cup of coffee with family and friends on this new front porch in Colonial Heights

Mr. Fix It started this project from the ground up and when we were finished, this home had a 19' x 6' porch that will last for generations.

To start the project, we removed a wooden front porch and excavated the original entrance to dig concrete footings and install 8" blocks. Once the foundation was in place, we finished the look with matching brick finish.

On top, we framed a 19'x6' floor with dry-treated deck flooring and constructed 4' wide steps up to the porch with step backings.

The floor of this new porch is accented by TWP wood sealer and has for 8" square aluminum fluted columns with black aluminum porch and step railings.

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